HR Leadership, Consulting and Assessments to help your business grow and thrive

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HR Consulting

Let’s face it. Running a small business is hard. You have to wear a lot of hats. Sometimes you need help.

Often, that help is just some additional expertise on a temporary basis. In those times The CTCS Group is prepared to help you in an on-demand, project by project basis.

Our focus is on helping you assess your current HR programs and talent and working to implement actions that help you move your organization forward, all while staying compliant.

On Demand HR Leadership

As a business owner, you know the value of time and money.  Your time needs to be focused on growing your business. Hiring a business focused HR leader just isn’t in the budget.

Or is it?

We offer a unique solution called Fractional HR. Put simply, we can contract with you to provide an HR leader on demand to help provide the right amount of HR consulting and consultation to free you up for more important things…like your business!

Whether it is making sure you are compliant, or helping you address that critical opening or termination, our HR expertise saves you time and money. 

    Behavioral Assessments and Coaching

    Success in life, work and relationships stems from understanding and having a sense of self – of deeply comprehending who you are, what you do and how you do it.

    The CTCS Group is a proud partner of TTI Success Insights® (TTI SI), the world’s leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessments that enable organizations to use the Science of Self™ to reveal and harness the talent and skills of their greatest asset – their people. This approach leads to more engaged employees, stronger teams and greater productivity.

    TTI SI’s research into five dimensions of superior performance are measured by our research-based assessments, which analyze:

    • Behaviors
    • Motivators
    • Acumen
    • Competencies
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    TTI SI’s assessments are EEOC and OFCCP compliant and are continuously tested and refined to ensure the highest standards of ethics and reliability.

    For more information, visit and @TTI_SI.